Adopt a Monkey

We can all agree that these beautiful little creatures just melt your heart and make you want to cuddle them all day.  However, we can also all agree that these incredible animals are not meant to be pets. 


So when we say "Adopt a Monkey" we don't mean that you get to pick one up and take it home to be yours.  



This is a Virtual Adoption



So what does it mean to Adopt a Monkey?

It means that you will make a difference and give hope to a little soul, contributing to it's recovery and rehabilitation.

You have chosen to be the provider care caretaker for that monkey which is a special privilege.

How do I become a Virtual Adopter?

A virtual adopter pays towards the virtual adopted orphan baby's care, formula, etc. for the first six months of "your" baby's life.  You, the virtual adoptive parent becomes part of the rehabilitation process to ensure a baby gets returned to the wild, rehabilitated into a rehab troop and becomes part of a family again.  

You help give "your" baby a second chance.

In the first three months you will get regular reports and pictures via WhatsApp on the baby's progress.  Thereafter, the baby will be integrated into a group of orphans and the reports will be done as a group.  It's more difficult to take individual pictures once the baby has joined a larger group but you will receive group updates including your little one's progress.  

You will receive an electronic picture and certificate by email that you can print out and proudly display to family and friends.

How much does it cost?


R300 per month for 6 months or R1 800 once-off donation

(approx GBP16 or USD21 per month OR approx GBP94 or USD122 once-off)

For just R500 you can name one of the baby tots.

To Virtually Adopt one of the amazing babies below, contact Steve ( OR Kiron (

Orphaned Babies