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We can all agree that these beautiful little creatures just melt your heart and make you want to cuddle them all day.  However, we can also all agree that these incredible animals are not meant to be pets. 


So when we say "Adopt a Monkey" we don't mean that you get to pick one up and take it home to be your pet.  


This is a Virtual Adoption.


It means that you will make a difference and give hope to a little soul, contributing to it's recovery and rehabilitation.  You have chosen to be the provider and caretaker for that monkey which is a special privilege.


A virtual adopter pays towards the virtual adopted orphan baby's care, formula, etc. for the first six months of "your" baby's life.  You, the virtual adoptive parent becomes part of the rehabilitation process to ensure a baby gets returned to the wild, rehabilitated into a rehab troop and becomes part of a family again.  

You help give "your" baby a second chance.

In the first three months you will get regular reports and pictures via WhatsApp on the baby's progress.  Thereafter, the baby will be integrated into a group of orphans and the reports will be done as a group.  It's more difficult to take individual pictures once the baby has joined a larger group but you will receive group updates including your little one's progress.  

You will receive an electronic picture and certificate by email that you can print out and proudly display to family and friends.



R400 per month for 6 months or R2 400 once-off donation

(approx GBP20 or USD27 per month OR approx GBP120 or USD160 once-off)

To Virtually Adopt one of the amazing babies below complete the contact form or email



ADOPTED. OLLIE. First baby rescued by Monkey Helpline from this 2021 season.  Baby Ollie was rescued by Belinda Skea on 29/09/2021.  He's our first orphan and is in the care of surrogate mommy Sanett Els.  Baby Ollie was rescued with his mommy but mommy died from her injuries as they arrived at the vet.  Mommy appeared to have been attacked by a dog.  At the time Ollie was rescued he is presumed to have been less that 2 weeks old.  He now has his yellow forehead stripe that only starts at 6 weeks of age so we guess he's around that age.

Ollie is a name derived from the Olive Tree.  The meaning of his name is a symbol of peace, a peaceful state of being.  The Latin name also means 'elf warrior' or 'elf army'.  

Ollie loves his surrogate mommy Sanett Els, he never leaves her arms and loves to sleep snug and safe on his mommy's chest.  He's growing well and is a strong stocky character.  Ollie for now has his surrogate mommy to fight any battles that come his way.


ADOPTED. JONO. Jono is our second orphan baby rescued by Monkey Helpline from this 2021 season.  He was rescued by Sonja Cech on 03/10/2021.  Jono was rescued with his mommy, who was very weak and already an old lady.  The birthing process was just too much for her and she died shortly afterwards, but she survived long enough to see her baby rescued and safe.

Baby Jono is in the care of surrogate momy Christine Jackson.  he is a content, happy little boy and loves cuddles and kisses.

Jono, a name of American origin.  This name is traditionally given to baby boys.  It is a common name in English-speaking countries.  The meaning of Jono is 'God is gracious'.  

Jono certainly is a lucky boy that his mommy took him to a place where he could get help.  She used all her remaining strength and he now has a second chance.


DAISY. On 15/09/2021 tiny Daisy was found cold and alone by Sue in her garden in Daisy Rd, Hilton.  Rescuer Belinda Skea rushed to the rescue of this baby.  She was very weak and dehydrated.  She had a runny tummy and was not able to keep any milk down.  It was really touch and go and her condition was critical, so much so that we were unsure she'd survive the night.  Daisy is in the care of human surrogate mommy Carol Booth.  She progressed very well and is now a healthy, happy little girl.

Daisy, the flower name comes from the Old English word daegesege, meaning 'days eye'.  The name Daisy is therefore ultimately derived from this source.  Daisies symbolise innocence and purity.  This stems from an old Celtic legend.  Freya is the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility and as such the daisy came to symbolise childbirth, motherhood, and new beginnings.  Daisies are sometimes given to congratulate new mothers.

A girl named Daisy is described as being able to do several things at once, adaptive, charismatic and acceptable in society.

Things are looking good for Daisy.  She has much to look forward to in her life and we will be here to support her with every step of her journey.

Lil Lee.jpeg

ADOPTED. LIL LEE. Lil Lee (Lilly) was just a tiny 4 day old baby when rescued on 26 October 2021.  Found still clinging to her mommy who ay prostrate on the ground, shaking, her body consumed by tetanus.  Mommy was sadly euthanased to end her suffering, leaving Lilly orphaned.  Lilly was so emaciated and bruised from the many times her mommy had fallen as the tetanus consumed her body.  

The name Lilly comes from the Latin word lilium.  Lilly, meaning "pure", "passion" or "rebirth" is derived from the flower of the same name.

Lilly got a second chance because the Chetty family found her and her mommy in their back yard, they called Monkey Helpline, secured the two under a plastic crate until rescuers arrived and in doing so ensured mommy Verity didn't suffer any longer and her baby, Lil Lee has a chance at life.

At first we believed Lilly to be a girl baby, but as she gained weight and healed it became glaringly obvious she was actually a he.  For this reason we changed the baby's name to Lil Lee, as in "little Lee".  Lee has a number of interpretations.  In Hebrew it means "weary", in Old English, "a glade", in Gaelic, "a Poet" and in English, "sheltered from the storm".

However you interpret his name, he has really impressed us with his strength of spirit.  He has progressed in leaps and bounds and is becoming more and more confident by the day.


ADOPTED. AVIS. Had Ruvern Rodgers not noticed the mauled body of an adult mommy monkey lying in the corner below the stairs near the garages he would never have seen the tiny baby monkey tucked in under her arm.  Mommy had been in a fight with other monkeys the previous day and two houses up a home owner had called the SPCA to assist with yet another monkey whose leg was all but ripped from his body during his fight.  It's possible this was a territory clash.  Two different troops in the no-mans land bordering their territories.  A troop of monkeys is bonded to a territory that has been their home for hundreds of years.  A troop never leaves their territory, no matter how humans destroy the habitat or change the make up.  

Houses, shops, roofs, schools, etc all replace the bush, trees, grasslands that were the territory of a resident troop.  They cannot simply move away as doing so would put them in the territory of another troop who would not tolerate their presence.  In this altercation the female died in the attack and yet another monkey was picked up by the SPCA and euthanased.  It was only until this morning that Ruvern even knew about the plight of the mommy monkey and her baby.  As soon as he found her he called Monkey Helpline and got help for the orphaned baby. 


This orphaned boy is about 7 weeks old.  He's a bigger baby and knows people are dangerous and must be avoided so he bites and struggles to get away.  He was covered in mommy's dry blood and is very traumatised from his ordeal.  He's been washed and is getting loads of love and has already drank half a bottle as well as eaten some apple.  This baby needs all the prayers and positive energy he can get.


ADOPTED. PAUL. Meet tiny Paul.  One week old and weighing 420 grams.  Paul Anderson in Forest View, Elaleni Coastel Forest Estate, Sheffield Beach called to report an abandoned baby vervet monkey kitting on top of his car port with no other monkeys around.

Monkey Helpline team leader Callum Johnstone attended to this rescue and quickly and easily caught the baby.  Baby had a cut on his back with maggots which were removed and the injury cleaned.  

Baby Paul stayed safe overnight in the care of Craig Johnston's wife, Gill.  He was given holding treatment by Called and fetched by Monkey Helpline surrogate Christine Jackson.

Well done team MH Ballito, tiny Paul gets a second chance now.


SADLY PASSED AWAY. MAHOGANY. 7:30pm on Thursday night we collected the thinnest, saddest orphan baby monkey from the two conservation officers at the Phezulu Estate.  These two young men had found the tot sitting on her own on the side of the streets inside the estate.  They gathered her up, and noticing how hungry she was, fed her mashed banana and milk.  They then tried, to no avail, to reunite her with her troop.


Fortunately none of the monkeys took her with them or she would have died.  With no mommy she would not have received the milk she so desperately needed.  Judging from her condition she had already been without a mommy as she was very dirty, emaciated, dehydrated and had a badly injured foot.  The entire foot has been degloved.


Once these two young men realised she was not well and the troop showed no interest they called Monkey Helpline.


She has a long way to go to recovery and will need to fatten up and regain her strength.  We've named her Mahogany as she was rescued in Mahogany Lane, Phezulu Estate.  


ADOPTED. IAN. Yet another orphan baby.  Tiny Ian was found clinging to a branch at the back of a home in Stevens Drive in Mosley Park, Northdene.  Ian Grobler gathered the tot up, wrapped him warmly and called Monkey Helpline.

Baby Ian has very sad eyes.  He's thin, dehydrated and weak.  Whatever happened to his mommy we may never know.  What we do know is that mommy monkeys never simply abandon their baby's.  His mommy is either dead or dying.


ADOPTED. DELAMORE. This tiny baby boy was lucky that he made this way into a pre-school playground.  There he sat clinging to the leg of a kiddies chair until one of the teachers bent down and gathered him up into her arms.  

He was so thin, so weak and so dehydrated that he simply lay back, limp in her arms, wrapped in a soft blanket.  He has bruising to the back of his ear so it's possible he is slightly concussed, a result of whatever it was that behold his mommy.

Tiny Delamore will join our Monkey Helpline orphans once given a full checkover by our vet and once fully hydrated.  At Monkey Helpline he will meet new friends and be safe and loved.

Because of caring people, baby Delamore gets a second chance.  Thank you and well done Sherine van der Westhuizen for rescuing baby Delamore.  Sadly we cannot be a monkey mommy but we can do our very best.