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The Monkey Helpline Auction is here to help us raise funds to support our goal of rescuing and rehabilitating Vervet Monkeys in need and to help educate the public about these incredible sentient beings.

Keep an eye on this page for current and upcoming Auctions and get ready to place your bid.


  • We will display an item as often as possible on this page and promote it using social media

  • If you are interested in bidding on the active item you simply fill in the form below and enter a bid

  • We will display the current highest bid each day at 9:00am and 9:00pm (updated daily)

  • The date and time the item is available for auction will be displayed below

  • Bidding can ONLY take place via the form provided below, no bids received via sms, email, social media or any other format will be accepted

  • The bidding will end on the date and time allocated below and the winner will be contacted and announced on our website and social media

  • The winner is then required to pay the bid amount within 24 hours to Monkey Helplines registered bank account (details will be provided) from the date and time the auction ends

  • The supplier will then arrange for the auction item to be delivered to the winner

  • If the same value bid is received from various participants, the first bid received will be the allocated bid

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