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Extract from Constitution Of Monkey Helpline


3.            OBJECTIVES:

3.1          The Organisation has as its objectives, the following:

3.1.1.     To rescue, provide veterinary care, provide post-veterinary care, prepare for rehabilitation and release or sanctuary, euthanize for humane reasons, any Vervet monkeys (herein-after referred to as “Vervets”) or Chacma baboons (herein-after referred to as “Baboons”) in need hereof.

3.1.2      Educating the public with regard to the suffering that results from random and institutionalised abuse and exploitation of Vervets and Baboons in South Africa.

3.1.3      Through education promote a greater understanding of, respect for, tolerance of, and compassion towards all non-human primates (herein-after referred to as “primates’) in general, and towards Vervets and Baboons specifically.

3.1.4      To show that primates generally, and Vervets and Baboons specifically, exist in their own right and are not, individually or collectively, a means to human ends.

3.1.5      To campaign for primates generally, and Vervets and Baboons specifically, to be treated with the respect to which, as individuals, they are entitled by virtue of possessing inherent value.

3.1.6      Initiating projects and campaigns that will highlight specific types of abuse, exploitation and neglect and implement measures (projects and campaigns) to end these.

3.1.7      Developing the capacity and providing facilities for the rehabilitation and release, or sanctuary placement, of rescued Vervets and Baboons, or whenever practical and desirable transferring rescued Vervets and Baboons to suitable existing rehabilitation or sanctuary facilities.

3.1.8      Educate the public about the cruelty associated with the primate pet trade and take whatever steps needed to discourage the keeping of primates, both indigenous and exotic, as pets.

3.1.9      Lobby and campaign for national and provincial legislation that will protect Vervets and Baboons against persecution by individuals, organizations and institutions.

3.1.10    Grow a membership base that will reflect the Organisation’s public standing and strengthen the Organisation’s position in terms of reaching all its objectives.

Should anyone wish to obtain the full Monkey Helpline Constitution you are welcome to request a copy here.

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