There is no charge for the services we offer, but donations towards the cost of running the project are welcome. Without your support we would not be able to change attitudes and legislation in favour of the monkeys nor would we be able to rescue the hundreds that we do every year and alleviate their suffering.

Choose a donation method:

An idea of where your donation will go

  • R60* (US$ 5, £3) – Blankets, towels and equipment
  • R120* (US$ 10, £6) – goes towards rehabilitation and relocation
  • R240* (US$ 20, £12) – goes towards our vet bill
  • R360* (US$ 30, £18) – food for our Monkeys for a day
  • R480* (US$ 40, £24) – Medical supplies
  • R600* (US$ 50, £30) – Purchases one day’s fuel for carrying out rescue around Durban

* Please note we are using rough conversion rates for our overseas donors:
US$ 1 = R12 and £1 = R20

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