Release Videos

Releasing Moffat

On 26/11/2013, we released Moffat. He was turned on and attacked by his own troop. A family of ladies came to his rescue, wielding brooms, keeping the attacking troop at bay until Steve and Carol arrived. 10 day later, some TLC and dissolvable stitches, we released Moffat into an environment similar to where he came from.


Triple Release

We return to an area where these 3 large males came from a while back, all with various injuries, one a dog attack, the other hit by a car and the third turned on by other monkeys.


Mt Moreland Mom and Baby Release

We return to Mt Moreland where 4 weeks prior we rescued a female monkey shot with a pellet gun. The tot was also taken in at the same time, luckily unhurt.

Recovered nicely, we release them both.


Chimney Release

We responded to a rescue of a baby monkey stuck in a chimney. We didn’t have our camera with us, only a phone, but recoreded the footage of the tot being reunited with it’s mom.


 Chestnut Crescent

Monkey Helpline returns to Chestnut Crescent to release a young male back to his troop after recovering from a badly fractured limb.


Triple Release #2

Another good day where we get to release 3 healthy monkeys back in the urban jungle.