General Update

First off, I am sure have noticed by now that we have had a complete revamp of the site from top to bottom!
Thanks to Steve Entwistle and Dazza Oliver for all the work that you put into the revamp!

As you know, Monkey Helpline is carried predominantly by Steve and Carol, who give their home, time and love to the Monkeys. What they didn’t have though was time to fully co-ordinate the behind the scenes, the running of the Monkey Helpline bloodline, donations and funding.

Over the past 3 months, Monkey Helpline has been working hard, and are proud to announce our newly formed committee:

  • Rhyan Rudman – Chairman, Rescuer, Volunteer
  • Steve Smit – Founder and Rescuer
  • Carol Booth – Founder and Rescuer
  • Dr Kerry Eason – Vet
  • Dazza Oliver – Marketing, Social Media, Fundraising
  • Teresa Gomes – Finance, Fundraising
  • Ellysa van Rensburg – Admin and Volunteer Co-Ordinator
  • Donna-Lee Oliver – Admin and Volunteer Co-Ordinator

Keep an eye out on the blog for new updates, you can sign up to the website and receive our newsletter through there!