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We would like to introduce you to “The Team”. Excluding Steve and Carol, they all hold down full time jobs, as well as having families, they work tirelessly in public and behind the scenes to keep the wheels turning.  Without them, we would not be able to do what we do!


Steve Smit
Co-Founder of Monkey Helpline

Dedicated to fighting for the rights of all animals, Steve started Monkey Helpline in 1995 as a offshoot project of Animal Rights Africa.  Since then Monkey Helpline has become his full time job, leaving his normal day-to-day job to give his all to rescuing monkeys.  Also known as “the monkey man”, Steve will scale walls, climb tress and bundu bash through any terrain to catch monkeys in desperate need of help.


Carol Booth
Co-Founder of Monkey Helpline

Mother of 2, Carol meet Steve in 19something, and proceed to go on date with him. The then non-vegan Carol, sat down, ordered a cappuccino, and had Steve give her the low down on the cruelty of dairy farms, etc, and from then on, her life changed. ​Carol has dedicated her life and resources; car, house, cash, to Monkey Helpline and it’s goals. ​She is the mom to all our monkeys in the clinic, rehab and sanctuary, and will sit up until all hours feeding, nursing and caring for her furry children


Dr Kerry Easson

Kerry sees more monkeys than she does any other animal. As fully qualified vet, Kerry is a god send to Monkey Helpline, providing the medical care and expertise to our monkeys.  Whether it’s a small stitch, or full open surgery, Kerry gives her all and rallies for support in keeping the vet bill down.


Kiron Alistoun
Daughter of Steve

As expected, Kiron grew up rescuing animals and so a love for animals flows through her veins which is not a strange thought considering who her father is.  Kiron helps Monkey Helpline with marketing, websites and social media.  


Dazza Olivier
Geek, PR, Rescuer, Coordinator

Dazza is the Monkey Helpline’s chairman, resident geek and 2nd whip. He started out with the Monkey Helpline in July 2013 when he volunteered to give the Monkey Helpline site a new lease on life, and never left. He is also responsible for the PR and Social Media, and driving the various donation engines in place today.  When he can, he also assists Steve and Carol in rescues.


Steve Entwistle
Handyman, Chief Whip, Crazy Englishman

A lover of lists, Steve cracks his whip in getting the nitty gritty things done. A commercial diver by trade, Steve spends half his life off-shore, and the other half at Monkey Helpline, trading his underwater tools, for hammers and saws. His military background and OCD makes sure that if it’s not done right, it must be done again.


Ellysa van Rensburg
Admin, PR, Volunteer Coordinator, Wife of Chief Whip

Dynamite comes in small packages. Don’t let her petite frame fool you. This girl really gets things done. She’s our PR Lady, in change of the MH volunteers and volunteer days. Specialising in project management, Ellysa is an invaluable asset to the MH team as she uses her skills to organise and manage our projects. As the wife of Steve Entwistle she ensures that there is no escape for any of the team members from any of the work that needs doing.