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At Monkey Helpline, we offer the following services:

  • carry out or coordinate primate rescues

  • assist with Vervet sanctuary, neonatal care and rehabilitation

  • distribute information/educational leaflets including doing talks at schools and to other interested groups

  • lobby on behalf of Vervets and for the protection of indigenous wildlife habitat

  • encourage people to plant the indigenous trees and shrubs that provide food and shelter for Vervets and numerous other indigenous animals

  • fundraise to cover the cost of rescues, veterinary treatment, high-care and rehabilitation – our registration to become an NPO is in place. We rely on public donations in order to do the work of the Monkey Helpline

  • assist people who are having problems with monkeys

  • assist residential and golfing estates, hotels, casinos, businesses, restaurants and B&B’s where monkeys are a “problem”

  • advise and assist with the establishment of feeding stations

  • organize and carry out snare sweeps.