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Planting indigenous will provide monkeys with an added source of natural food and shelter.  Any good nursery can provide you with the monkey food and shelter plants most suitable for your particular property.  Keep in mind however, that indigenous plants can take from a few months to a number of years to grow to a size that will provide food and shelter for monkeys and even when you have a garden full of indigenous plants, monkeys will still take every chance they can to come into your house or vegetable/fruit/flower garden for the food they hope to find there.  Indigenous plants on their own are not a quick fix solution to monkey problems and will not keep monkeys away from your house.  In fact, indigenous plants will attract monkeys and numerous other indigenous animals into your garden!​

Planting paw-paw and banana trees will also feed monkeys, as will many of the exotic plants found in most gardens.

Banana Leaves
brown monkey on brown tree branch during daytime_edited_edited.jpg

Planting to attract monkeys to your property or in order to keep them out of your house is not as simple as some people might think.  It requires an understanding of monkey foraging behaviour as well as their social/food needs at various times of the year.

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