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Tonight I sit in deep contemplation, the burden of monkey deaths, suffering and fear these past few days weighing heavier on my mind by the hour.

When will it end? Will it end?

Perhaps when the last Vervet Monkey in this province stops running and turns in one final, terror energised stand of defiance to face the speeding car bearing down on her, the gun pointed at her, the dog about to clamp his deadly jaws across her body? Or perhaps when she takes her final breath as her body lies broken at the base of the pole supporting the high voltage electricity transformer that has just fired 11 000 volts through her soft body?

Or when she collapses onto the ground, terrified, exhausted and in excruciating pain after hours of struggling with all her might against the thin, unyielding steel cable noose encircling ever tighter around her waist and cutting through skin, muscle and bone? Or, or, or... ?

These last few days, so much death and suffering, fear and confusion. So much of it unnecessary, unjustifiable, preventable. But human indifference to the plight of the vulnerable seems to be an incurable disease, fed by arrogance, hedonism and disrespect.

Will tomorrow be any different? Probably not, but then hope does spring eternal... !"

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