September 11

September 11 – A quiet day insofar rescues went – none! But the day was still busy as we cleaned cages and then checked and fed the monkeys in the High Care Facility, fielded the usual calls about the “monkey menace”, contacted some of our monkey troop monitors to discuss their observations, AND attended to the needs of three children and the host of resident and “just passing through” animals who constitute an integral part of the lives of all animal rescuers and rehabilitators. And no day is complete without a visit from our resident Vervet troop (see attached pic) which, with approximately 35 members, forms an important resource in our ongoing efforts to understand the manner in which Vervet troops are structured and how they function as a team yet display such individualistic character traits. We are reminded daily, as we observe them, that there is still a mass of knowledge to be acquired before anyone can claim to really “know” these amazingly complex and intelligent little primates.