Volunteer with us and discover why it’s an “at least once in a lifetime” must do!

Volunteer with us and you will have an experience of a lifetime.  You cannot imagine what a unique, exciting and meaningful experience this will be!

Monkey Helpline (MH) responds to over one thousand rescue call outs every year, and this results in us always having two hundred or more rescued monkeys in our care.  So when you volunteer with MH you will be a part of the team that carries out these exciting rescues, takes monkeys (and other rescued animals) to the vet for treatment and spends time at the vet assisting with the treatment and post-treatment care of these animals!  We rarely do less than three rescues on a day, but the rescue count can be anything between three and ten, and on occasion, up to fifteen, in one day.  Irrespective of your work allocation for a particular day, you will always be doing work that is both necessary and satisfying, some exciting and adrenalin pumping, some less so.  You will however never be put in a situation of danger, and you will always end your day feeling that you have been a part of something of real value!

Volunteer with us at MH and you will get to know Vervet Monkeys and many other animals in a way you could only ever have dreamed of.  MH has a reputation of being an “amazing animal rescue team” and many other rescue organisations rely on us to assist them in situations where they cannot respond to a callout or are unable to succeed in rescuing an animal in need.  We pride ourselves on our record of success.  You will get to be a part of this respected team when you volunteer with MH.

Get in touch and find out more volunteer@monkeyhelpline.co.za