Vegan Meals

Why we are Vegan

  • We start every day with a smile

  • We go through every day with enthusiasm

  • We end every day with optimism


Being “vegan” is not just about what you don’t eat or wear or use.  Being “vegan” is about how you live – your respect for other beings, both individually and collectively, and your respect for planet earth generally.

At MH we respect the fact that many, probably most, of those volunteering with us have no experience of what it means to be “vegan”.  We also respect the fact that most non-vegans do care about other beings and also about the planet we all share.

Concerning our home, planet Earth, it is an indisputable fact that we humans are destroying much of what this planet needs to survive.  A rampant population growth that is becoming increasingly unsustainable by the day, massive habitat destruction in our quest for raw materials and food production, and lethal pollution of our life-giving ecosystems on land and in the oceans!

At MH we strive to be as animal and earth friendly as we can possibly be, and the part of this that will affect you, the volunteer most, is what you eat when with us.  All food and drinks provided by MH and consumed at the MH volunteer house or anywhere on MH property, including the MH vehicles, WILL be vegan.  This is one of the few “cast in stone” rules you will have to comply with.

Many volunteers will come to MH with preconceived ideas of, “If its vegan it must be boring and unpalatable, and also nutritionally deficient”!  Well, have we got a wonderful and exciting experience waiting for you!  In your ample free time, when you are off MH property, what you eat is your choice, but we are convinced that the vegan lifestyle you lead whilst at MH will come as a very pleasant surprise, one you will embrace and enjoy!