What you need
  • Comfortable clothes to work in, ie shorts and long pants, T-shirts, socks

  • Raincoat, windbreaker/waterproof jacket, comfortable zip-up jacket and jersey

  • Working and walking shoes, ie trainers, sneakers, sandals/flip-flops

  • Lounging around the house-wear

  • Clothes and footwear for socialising during off time

  • All usual items required for acceptable standards of personal cleanliness, hygiene and comfort

  • Sleeping bag

  • International driver’s licence if you plan to hire a vehicle at any stage of your visit

  • Sleeping bag, sun hat, sunglasses, towel X 2, swim wear

  • 2 x certified copies of passport, visas if required, driver’s licence, travel and medical insurance documents, flight tickets, medication prescriptions, or any other important documents

  • Card for ATM withdrawals

  • Mobile phone (with Monkey Helpline phone numbers – Steve Smit (Co-founder) +27 82 659 4711, Carol Booth (Co-founder) +27 82 411 5444, Steve Entwistle (Volunteer organiser) +27 7611 05742).

  • Health supplements and medication/prescriptions, etc.


Prior to Travel

The following documentation must be emailed to volunteer@monkeyhelpline.co.za

  • 2 x certified copies of passport

  • Visas if required

  • Driver’s licence (If you have one)

  • Travel insurance documents

  • Medical insurance documents

  • Flight tickets / Booking confirmation (We need to know when to pick you up from the airport)

  • Medication prescriptions if required

  • Vaccination certificate against tetanus and must also be certified free of Tuberculosis (Tb tested or chest X-ray)

  • Monkey Helpline Volunteer Agreement

  • Volunteer Indemnity Form

  • Any other important documents requested by Monkey Helpline]


Please send ALL the above prior to your departure from home to South Africa to volunteer@monkeyhelpline.co.za

Consult your travel doctor regarding any vaccinations or medical certificates you might need to enter South Africa from your home country or relating to any other country you might be travelling from or have visited recently.

NB. To confirm, ALL volunteers must be vaccinated against tetanus in sufficient time prior to arriving at Monkey Helpline and must also be certified free of Tuberculosis (Tb tested or chest X-ray) before being allowed to work with monkeys.

A volunteer who gets sick during her/his stay with Monkey Helpline will need to be fully recovered before being allowed to work directly with monkeys or monkey food.

VISA REQUIREMENTS to enter and stay in South Africa

These may differ depending on your nationality, so visit or contact the South African Embassy or Consular office closest to you to get the required information.  When completing the required entry forms on arrival in South Africa, for ‘purpose of visit’ simply state “Tourist”.

For any additional information re. visas, contact us.

TO CONFIRM – You must book your own air ticket, sort out passport and visa requirements, take out travel and medical insurance, have necessary vaccinations timeously, send confirmation that all this has been done.

Joining instructions

Once the online application form is complete, we will email you with a joining pack. Which will include

  • Monkey Helpline Volunteer Agreement Form (To be signed and returned).

  • Volunteer Indemnity Form (To be signed and returned).

  • Check list.

  • Map of the meeting point at King Shaka International Airport arrivals terminal.

  • Contact details of the Monkey Helpline team.

  • Packing list.

  • Information brochure.

  • Social media policy for volunteers

  • Letter from Steve Smit stating you will be residing at their residence.


We think it is time for an adventure!