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One of the privileges that goes with living in the KZN region of South Africa is that we have Vervet Monkeys living around our homes, schools, parks and even our factories.   With the presence of monkeys we also have mixed emotions about them, but love them or hate them, even be indifferent to them, they are here to stay... if we can educate and enlighten enough people to care about Vervet Monkeys and what they are really about.

Vervet Monkeys are amongst the most misunderstood and persecuted animals in South Africa and certainly in KwaZulu-Natal, which is what led to the formation of Monkey Helpline in 1995.

We are a volunteer group based in Westville near Durban, KwaZulu-Natal but operate throughout South Africa and abroad...  wherever our assistance and advice is requested.

Our team of dedicated rescuers and rescue assistants, veterinarians, educators, monitors, fund-raisers, administrative assistants and supporters is what makes this project the success it is today.

We devote our time to educating the public why the monkeys are here, why monkeys behave the way they do, the things people should do or not do when monkeys are around and how to humanely keep monkeys away from those places where they are not welcome. 

Knowing that monkeys will NOT randomly attack and bite people, unless provoked, and that they DON’T carry rabies is enough to change antagonism and fear into tolerance and appreciation.


Experience beautiful South Africa in a way that no one else can offer.  

Volunteer with us and discover why it's a once in a lifetime adventure.

  • Daily animal rescues

  • Sanctuary work

  • Food preparation for animals

  • Veterinary visits and care

  • Social time

  • Vegan meals

  • South African hospitality in a friendly home environment​​

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